When Should a piano be tuned?
Posted on June 10, 2010 – 9:13 am

Some folks will say, “I have the piano tuned when it sounds bad.”  The “trained” ear, that of a piano technician will agree that this is past the time it should be tuned.  Pianos should receive a tuning every six months. At times pianos will require a tuning every three months perhaps less depending on the venue such as a church, recording studio or concert hall.  What causes a piano to go out of tune?

Swings in temperature and humidity cause a piano to go out of tune.  Structural problems will also affect tuning.  This lends to the importance that a piano should receive a thorough evaluation prior to purchase, but we’ll discuss this at a later time.  For now, let’s understand that pianos do go out of tune and that regular service is required.  Why?

A vehicle requires an oil change every three months or three thousand miles.  Why should a piano receive less care and attention?  Vehicles will transport us to where we need to go, and a piano holds the ability to transport us into the future and the past through our emotions and intelect.  We should provide the care and attention our pianos require, and for good reason.

Pianos were designed to perform at standard pitch.  A piano that is at correct pitch (A-440) will aid in proper ear training, and one that’s played along with other instruments should add to the masterpiece.  So how does this apply to the average Joe or Jane who doesn’t perform on the concert stage?

Whether a person is a seasoned or occasional player doesn’t negate the importance that a piano requires routine maintenance.  Remember, your piano is a vehicle that will take you on numerous journeys as your experience grows.  Take good care of your piano and place it on a regular service schedule so that it can provide a life time of enjoyment for your and the next generation.

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